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INPACT Global expands membership to Arabian Peninsula

YAMA was established by a team of the best young professionals that have a unique mix of skills and expertise. It has proven to be a leading company that has innovative services and helps businesses become more profitable and sustainable.

YAMA provides advisory services such as Auditing, Financial, Tax and Zakaat consulting, including Risk Management, Evaluation, Economic Feasibility Studies, Commercial Litigation, Merger and Liquidation, and Consulting Services to the local businesses and International NGOs.

The team at YAMA believes that their experiences and work ethic have led to in-depth technical knowledge in various professional practices and that’s what makes their business stand out and be known for consistent and quality service delivering tailored solutions and business opportunities.

The core values amongst the team at YAMA’s office are integrity, teamwork, independence, high quality and confidentiality and non-disclosure. They ensure the highest quality standards in their work and the team’s capacity helps the growth and development of their clients.

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