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INPACT EMEA Firms Share Updates of Their Latest Client Wins and Referrals

We are pleased to share an update on our latest client wins and referrals. It’s a delight to have our members offer us a glimpse into their work and their collaborative referrals through INPACT on a regional and global scale.

Yeskin & Co., member firm in Tel Aviv, Israel, successfully referred one of his clients to our member in St. Albans, UK - Rayner Essex LLP. Moshe Yeskin’s client is the Chief Financial Officer of an International Group operating in the technological logistics and distribution sector that is expanding rapidly, albeit being very new. The UK subsidiary company based in London had a firm of auditors appointed last year and the CFO was unhappy with the level of service that they provided when conducting the audit work.

Antony Federer – partner at Rayner Essex LLP, met with the CFO in Israel via a Teams meeting and then with the UK managing director. A proposal for services was prepared and submitted to the CFO. After another meeting this was approved and the appointment was confirmed and signed in late December.

According to this proposal, Rayner Essex will be providing Auditing and Taxation services to the UK company within the group. If further expansion is undertaken by the client in other countries then Rayner Essex LLP will refer other INPACT members to the client. Moshe Yeskin of Yeskin & Co. has also assisted by certifying documents for money laundering ID purposes.

We are delighted to hear about Rayner Essex LLP & Yeskin & Co.’s recent client referral and we are hoping that they will keep growing their and their clients’ relationships in the coming years.

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