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INPACT Regional Meeting in Malta 2024

The 2024 INPACT Regional Meeting in Malta was a great success, bringing together more than 50 delegates, staff, and spouses from over 15 countries. The event was marked by engaging sessions, enriching cultural experiences, and a strong sense of community among attendees.

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Comistar Estonia

We're thrilled to welcome Comistar Estonia to the INPACT family!

Comistar Estonia specializes in comprehensive company management services tailored for non-residents and international companies. From accounting, taxes, and payroll to corporate structuring and audit preparation, their team is equipped to handle diverse legal and financial needs.

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Int womans day inpact 2024

Celebrating Diversity and Empowerment: Embracing International Women's Day in Accounting at INPACT Global

At INPACT, we are committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where every voice is heard and valued. As we mark International Women's Day, we reflect on the remarkable achievements of women in the field of accounting and the profound impact they have made globally.

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Jori Culp Case study

Case Studies

"Serve your clients in a better way" | Smoker Smith & Associates

We spoke to Jori Culp about how INPACT empowers her US firm and its clients for international accounting opportunities.

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C St Causa Austria award

Congratulations to cSt Causa Steuerberatungs for achieving the 'Best of Vienna 2023' award!

We are thrilled to share that our esteemed member firm, cSt Steuerberatungs GmbH, has secured the coveted 1st place in the "Best of Vienna 2023" audience vote for Consulting at oe24!

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INPACT Global Expands its Reach with A. A. Ali CPA LLP in Kenya

In a recent development, INPACT Global proudly welcomed A.A. Ali CPA LLP as its newest member firm based in Kenya.

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profile picture of Antony Federer alongside the quote: “When my client rings me up saying ‘I've got to register somebody in a different city’, I know I've got a firm in there that will deal with that and react positively.”

Case Studies

‘It’s all about the relationships.” | Rayner Essex

Long-time member Antony Federer from the United Kingdom told us about how INPACT's connections help him serve a client with challenges in the live music industry.

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Welcome our new members to the emaa csa board.

Welcome our newest members to the EMEA-CSA Board

We are pleased to announce that during the 2023 EMEA-CSA Annual General Meeting on 27.11, David Busuttil and Stefano Verna were elected to the EMEA-CSA Board of Directors.

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A group of people standing in front of a building with the words global partners forum 2021.

Past events

A Multifaceted Experience at the Global Bengaluru Conference

This event was a blend of informative sessions, cultural experiences, and invaluable networking opportunities, leaving participants with a rich tapestry of memories and meaningful connections.

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An image of a man in a business suit with a quote.

Case Studies

"An association that takes care of its members' needs." | SHUMBA INC

INPACT provided this South Africa firm with ‘a wonderful family’ that has transformed their work and opened up new opportunities.

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An image of a city with the words'cabinet loft selami'.

INPACT Global Welcomes Newest Member in Tunisia

Welcome, Cabinet Lotfi Sellami, to the INPACT Global family. Your expertise and dedication to excellence are valuable additions to our association. We look forward to the opportunities for collaboration and growth that lie ahead.

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Latin america

Past events

INPACT Latin America Members Meeting in Cusco, Peru: A Celebration of Growth and friendships

In the historic city of Cusco, Peru, the INPACT Latin America Members Meeting recently unfolded. Hosted by Vigo & Asociados, SCRL, a prominent INPACT member in Peru, this event united professionals from across Latin America.

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