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Our valued member Yeskin & Co. turns 20!

Our valued member Yeskin & Co. Creative Accounting turns 20 this month!

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INPACT Audit Committee (IAC) Presents Mergers & Acquisitions in Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises: The Proactive Corporate Transaction.

The INPACT Audit Committee (IAC) recently held a session focused on Mergers & Acquisitions in small and medium-sized companies. The forum resulted in some incredibly insightful discussions among the attendees and is a significant part of our know-how meetings with fellow members.

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Here at INPACT, we believe in recognizing talent and developing future leaders to the best of our abilities – and we know that’s what makes us unique. The human element is our key to success and young, high-potential workers are the best way to ensure your business can continue to thrive in the case of significant disruption.

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INPACT Better Stronger Together 2.0: emerging technologies, strong relationships and more

On April 30th, we held our Better Stronger Together 2.0 virtual event. INPACT’s April conference brought our members together to build and strengthen relationships, explore business opportunities, share knowledge and experience and seek advice from experts in their field. We welcomed more than 70 colleagues around the world to connect and collaborate for a strong future.

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The Way to Win in Cross Border Business

Since the inception of INPACT Marketplace in June 2020 – a very tough year for all of us, but also surprisingly fruitful for many. The series of forums have promoted intense collaboration between members who have never collaborated before.

Nevermind that some of the projects are massive, there is always a service that every member would be able to assist international clients through INPACT.

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UAE-Israel Abraham Accord - Unlocking New Business Opportunities for UAE and Israel members

Dubai, UAE Ethics Plus and Tel Aviv, Israel Yeskin & Co. agree to collaborate following the historic UAE-Israel agreement

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LATAM Regional Group's First Virtual Meeting in 2021

Latam regional group kicks off first virtual meeting on 4 March 2021.

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INPACT Global adds New Member in Sweden, expands Nordic Regional Group

INPACT welcomes 9th member in Sweden - Aronsson & Co Revisionsbyrå AB, Borås!

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New Dawn Chartered Accountants, Lesotho, has been awarded PMR.africa - Diamond Arrow Awards 2020, Leaders & Achievers Category in the Business Sector.

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Switzerland Member in Lausanne - Fiduciaire Saugy SA is listed in the Top 100 Tax Accountants Ranking in Switzerland

Congratulations, Fiduciaire Saugy SA for achieving Top 100 Tax Accountants ranking as published in Le Temps.

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Switzerland Member Caminada Treuhand AG Zug came in the Top 50 of BILANZ Accountants Ranking

BILANZ, the Swiss business magazine known for its rankings, has published a ranking of the best accountants and tax consultants 2020/2021 in its issue 11/2020. In the overall ranking of universal service providers, Caminada Treuhand AG Zug (Caminada) came in the Top 50 (39th place).

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COVID-19 Useful links and information

INPACT are committed to helping our members and their clients through this difficult time. For this purpose, INPACT is working to provide up to date and current information with respect to the measures announced by the Governments in different countries as well as provide links to useful resources for remote working & training. Please check back regularly for updates. If you want to share updates from your country or other relevant information/resources, please contact INPACT admin team at [email protected]

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