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Discounted Tax Services for INPACT Members from Tax Analysts

This partnership is largely due to the INPACT Tax Committee’s efforts in working alongside Tax Analysts for the last few months, which ultimately culminated into discounted access to daily and weekly international tax news and services for our members.

Tax Analysts Benefits Available to INPACT Members

Tax Analysts is responsible for the most consistent and complete stream of information in the accounting world, and having access to the material will keep members in all parts of the world aware of new tax laws and regulations. The ability to stay up to date with tax legislature, search legal documents, and subscribe to channels of information will also improve our members abilities to serve existing and new clients.

Additional benefits include access to the following:

  • Worldwide Tax Treatises, US Treaty Summaries and Worldwide Tax Summaries
  • Tax Notes and Tax Notes Today
  • Tax Notes International and Worldwide Tax Daily, offering global tax news coverage
  • Email alerts
  • Searchable online archives with more than four million documents

The administration at INPACT hopes that, by providing more access to tax-related news centres, our members firms can stay abreast of the newest tax developments.

Discount for INPACT Members

The discount is another notable benefit of INPACT membership and was the result of INPACT Tax Committee’s negotiations. While the single user price for Tax Analysts’ package is normally $3,540, INPACT members pay less than half of that cost.

INPACT administration is always looking for ways to offer better services and benefits to INPACT members; as such, we are pleased to provide our members with a reliable, efficient program with which to improve their capacities to contribute to the world of accounting.

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