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INPACT Welcomes Its Second Romanian Firm

Mondo Conta Consult’s Far-reaching Staff and Services

To complement its credentials, Mondo Conta Consult boasts an elite faculty: two associates with more than 20 years in accounting, payroll, administrative consulting and taxes act as the firm’s partners, and expert accountants, tax advisors and payroll analysts make up the rest of the staff. In addition to their proficiency in their respective fields, these staff members offer services in French, Romanian, and English, which is one of the firm’s biggest selling points.

The founders of the firm wanted to supplement the actions of foreign investors with the intent of entering Romania’s market and setting up a business. Currently, Mondo Conta Consult serves numerous international clients from the trade and production fields. These clients come from countries such as Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Poland, Greece and the United States.

Mondo Conta Consult’s Mission and Application

The purpose of this company is to aid foreign clients in creating businesses in Romania. Once a company establishes itself, Mondo Conta Consult SRL continues to serve its clients and build a loyal clientele by providing services from a long list of potential needs, which include the following:

  • Set-up of legal Romanian entities
  • Support for current activities (e.g., secretarial services)
  • Accounting services
  • Payroll services
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial audits

These services help stabilize the company whilst providing outreach for a reputable third-party consulting firm. Should the company then require a trustworthy audit, payroll evaluation or tax service, they have a pre-existing connection.

Mondo Conta Consult SRL’s decision to join INPACT will only improve their ability to act on a global scale and develop lasting international relationships. Welcome, Mondo Conta Consult!

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