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INPACT member receives knighthood in Malaysia

Datuk Pang was awarded the title on 10th October, during the 77th Birthday celebrations of the Governor of the State of Malacca, Malaysia. He received the title in recognition of his services to society and contribution to the economic development of Malacca and Malaysia.

Datuk Pang devotes most of his time to serving his society through roles in non-profit organisations, religions organisations and sports associations. He is the Chairman of Parent Teacher Association of Keh Seng Chinese Primary School, Chairman of Malacca Baptist Church, Deputy President of Malacca Chinese Chess Association and Vice President of Malacca Historical City Shooting Club. He has also dedicated much of his professional career and expertise to assisting the Government in completing numerous successful liquidation jobs throughout Malaysia.

Speaking about his award, Lena Fiedler, President of INPACT International said: “Congratulations to Datuk Pang. We are delighted to have such a devoted and dedicated person as part of our international alliance. His contribution to Malacca and Malaysia has not only benefited the region but has helped McDonald Carter grow and as a result has strengthened the INPACT International alliance too.”

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