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INPACT is a Top 20 Accounting Alliance for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Fee income reached $268 million for the Alliance in 2015, while the number of staff and partners was recorded at 3,702.

INPACT performed particularly well in Africa and the Middle East and Asia-Pacific where it achieved a rank of 13th and 14th respectively. It also performed well in Europe (17th) and North America (18th).

Lena Fiedler, INPACT’s International President, commented:

"2015 was a great year for INPACT and this was reflected in the IAB World Survey. Part of our success was due to gaining new members in Costa Rica, Turkey, Romania and Australia.

Our excellent 2015 was also recognised during the IAB awards where we won the ‘Rising Star Association’ of the year award.”

This is the fourth consecutive year INPACT has been ranked in the top 20 accounting associations in the world. This reinforces INPACT’s reputation as one of the most established accounting associations in the world.

Part of INPACT’s success is due to our continued commitment to grow membership. INPACT is currently looking for new members, particularly in South and Central America.

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