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INPACT’s Central & South America member meeting another great success

The Central and South America meeting provides a forum for INPACT members to discuss common issues, debate solutions and share knowledge.

Nearly 90% of INPACT’s Central and South America members attended the meeting. They were joined by local speakers and INPACT’s Operations Manager, Daniel Perez.

The main benefit of attending these meetings is the chance to build stronger relationships with other members and increase the opportunity for business referrals. This is something the group does well, noted attendee and INPACT Board member, Marcelo Berge:

“The Central and South America members work really well together, often referring each other work and undertaking joint projects. This is partly due to the excellent attendance at these meetings.”

This was the first meeting Costa Rican firm WCC Consulting Group has attended since joining INPACT in 2015. Walter Gomez, founder and Consulting Partner at WCC Consulting Group was very impressed:

“Being new to the group I didn’t know what to expect from the meeting. I was extremely impressed by the attendance and how closely the group works together. I will definitely be attending again next year”.

INPACT continues to welcome new members from Central and South America and across the globe. Extended membership enhances the networking of both existing members and new ones.

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