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A large group of people stand in front of a historic stone building, smiling and posing for a photo. The banner over the image reads "INPACT Regional Meeting in Malta". The INPACT logo is visible on the top left and bottom right corners of the image.

Past events

INPACT Regional Meeting in Malta 2024

The 2024 INPACT Regional Meeting in Malta was a great success, bringing together more than 50 delegates, staff, and spouses from over 15 countries. The event was marked by engaging sessions, enriching cultural experiences, and a strong sense of community among attendees.

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A group of people standing in front of a building with the words global partners forum 2021.

Past events

A Multifaceted Experience at the Global Bengaluru Conference

This event was a blend of informative sessions, cultural experiences, and invaluable networking opportunities, leaving participants with a rich tapestry of memories and meaningful connections.

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A group of people pose for a photo outdoors at the Latin America Regional Meeting in Cusco, Peru in 2023. The background features historic architecture. Some attendees hold folders and notebooks. Text on the image reads "Latin America Regional Meeting, Peru, Cusco, 2023 - INPACT.

Past events

INPACT Latin America Members Meeting in Cusco, Peru: A Celebration of Growth and friendships

In the historic city of Cusco, Peru, the INPACT Latin America Members Meeting recently unfolded. Hosted by Vigo & Asociados, SCRL, a prominent INPACT member in Peru, this event united professionals from across Latin America.

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Regional meeting in nico 2022.

Past events

Regional Meeting in Nice 2023

Last week, INPACT Global held a regional conference in the beautiful city of Nice, France. The two-day event was filled with informative discussions, networking opportunities, and enjoyable social events.

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A group of people holding certificates in front of a pool.

Past events

Latin America Members Meet Again in Costa Rica!

WCC Consultores - INPACT member in Costa Rica, hosted the Latin America Members meeting on August 31st - September 2nd, 2022

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