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Jori Culp Case study

Case Studies

"Serve your clients in a better way" | Smoker Smith & Associates

We spoke to Jori Culp about how INPACT empowers her US firm and its clients for international accounting opportunities.

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profile picture of Antony Federer alongside the quote: “When my client rings me up saying ‘I've got to register somebody in a different city’, I know I've got a firm in there that will deal with that and react positively.”

Case Studies

‘It’s all about the relationships.” | Rayner Essex

Long-time member Antony Federer from the United Kingdom told us about how INPACT's connections help him serve a client with challenges in the live music industry.

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An image of a man in a business suit with a quote.

Case Studies

"An association that takes care of its members' needs." | SHUMBA INC

INPACT provided this South Africa firm with ‘a wonderful family’ that has transformed their work and opened up new opportunities.

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An image of a man shaking hands with a quote that reads, i received valuable insights and advice that will help us navigate complex matters.

Case Studies

“I received valuable insights and advice that will help us navigate complex tax matters.”

Hear how INPACT members enabled client company in Cyprus to expand and improve its services.

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You guarantee the reliability of your clients.

Case Studies

"You guarantee the fidelity of your clients." | Fidam Servizi SA

Hear how INPACT membership helped this firm in Switzerland to better serve their clients.

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Two business people shaking hands in an office.

Case Studies

"INPACT membership is mandatory if you want to grow your business." | WCC Consulting Group

Hear how INPACT membership enabled this firm in Costa Rica to expand and improve its financial services.

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An image of a handshake with the words'recent client referral'.

Case Studies

INPACT EMEA Firms Share Updates of Their Latest Client Wins and Referrals

We are pleased to share an update on our latest client wins and referrals. It’s a delight to have...

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