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Two awards for excellence for INPACT member in Morocco

Moroccan INPACT member, Global Audit Partners has received two awards for excellence from Wealth and Finance International - Best Financial Audit Specialists 2017 and Excellence in Financial Consulting.

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INPACT maintains top 15 position in IAB World Survey

The 2018 edition of International Accounting Bulletin has, for the second consecutive year, ranked INPACT in the top 15 largest global accounting associations, in terms of both fee income and staff data. According to the IAB world survey, overall fee income for INPACT has increased by 6% to £276.6m and the number of staff and partners now sits at 3,913.

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INPACT EMEA & CSA to chair INPACT Global Board

INPACT North America has completed its 2 year rotation as Chair of the INPACT Global Board and will be succeeded by INPACT EMEA & CSA in January 2018.

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INPACT adds a new member from Jordan

INPACT is delighted to announce Exit For Audit, from Jordan, has joined its membership.

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Reminder: Swiss Tax Changes to Effect Foreign Business from 1st January 2018

Earlier this year INPACT announced revisions to Swiss VAT laws that will affect foreign businesses active in Switzerland.

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INPACT announces changes to its EMEA & CSA Board

Following the implementation of its new 5 year strategic plan, INPACT EMEA & CSA has announced several changes to its Board.

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INPACT member in Germany to open new office in January

INPACT member, BKB Bayer, Kwasny, Brauer, Deutsch & Co. GmbH, has announced it will be opening its new office in Landau, Germany, in January 2018.

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INPACT Adds Another New Member

INPACT is delighted to announce it has added another new member, WIESER Wirtschaftsberatung AG, as it continues to grow its membership.

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INPACT adds New German Member

INPACT is delighted to announce BKB Bayer, Kwasny, Brauer, Deutsch & Co. GmbH has joined its membership.

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Paris Member Staff Appointment - Finantis Value appoints new CEO

Finantis Value has appointed Sylvie Gamet as CEO.

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Success Story: INPACT Central & South America Members Team up to Raise Visibility

Our Central & South America members are no strangers to innovative ideas for working together. Just last year, members from Brazil and Paraguay hosted an event to encourage clients to consider international trade.

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Uruguayan Member, Mecaunt Ltda hosts INPACT's Central & South America Annual Meeting

Uruguayan member, Mecaunt Ltda, has hosted this year’s INPACT Central & South America annual meeting in September.

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