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FLC Frank Lynch & Co. Host INPACTs English Speaking Member Meeting

Between 13th and 15th April, FLC Frank Lynch & Co. hosted INPACT’s English Speaking Meeting in Carlingford, Ireland.

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Executive Director of INPACT EMEA to speak at Zimbabwe Accountants Conference

Executive Director of INPACT EMEA, Tendai White, has been chosen to speak at the Zimbabwe Accountant’s Conference 2016 in Harare later this month.

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INPACT member passes audit quality control assessment for the third consecutive time

Helmer and Partner mbB has passed its third consecutive audit quality control assessment allowing it to continue to conduct statutory annual audits in Germany until 2022.

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Success Story: INPACT members team up to help client grow

A client in Germany was looking to expand into a number of other European countries including France, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey and Greece.

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INPACT is a Top 20 Accounting Alliance for the Fourth Consecutive Year

INPACT is the world's 18th largest accounting association by fee revenue and staff numbers, according to the International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) World Survey.

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Consultative Experience House of Dr. Salah Al-Sharkawy and his Associates LLC, INPACT accounting firm in Egypt, overview

Mai Shidid, HR Coordinator & Assistant at Consultative Experience House of Dr. Salah Al-Sharkawy and his Associates LLC, accounting firm in Egypt, give us an overview of their company and their plans for 2016.

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INPACT welcomes two new members

Following INPACT’s recent success at the International Accounting Bulletin Awards it has welcomed two new members.

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INPACT member receives knighthood in Malaysia

Datuk Feeyoon Pang, Managing Partner of INPACT member firm, McDonald Carter (AF0948), has been awarded the title of Datuk, the equivalent of a knighthood in Malaysia.

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INPACT Welcomes Its Second Romanian Firm

Romanian accounting firm Mondo Conta Consult SRL recently joined INPACT’s ever-growing list of international members. Mondo Conta Consult SRL is a firm from Bucharest, Romania that offers accounting, audit, payroll and administrative services. The firm is a member of CECCAR, which is the Romanian official body of authorization for bookkeeping companies.

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INPACT Wins Global Rising Star Award

INPACT International has recently been awarded ‘Rising Star Association’ of the year, by International Accounting Bulletin (IAB).

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INPACT Strikes Beneficial Deal with MyFirmsApp

We are pleased to announce that INPACT has recently secured a partnership with mobile technology business MyFirmsApp. This deal will garner additional useful technology for INPACT members in their endeavours to optimize efficiency.

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Discounted Tax Services for INPACT Members from Tax Analysts

INPACT has recently formed a strategic partnership with Washington, DC-based Tax Analysts—the leading global provider of tax-related news and analysis—to bring INPACT members an incredible discount on Tax Analysts’ content services.

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